The business world is extremely competitive right now with each sector having multiple rivals striving to outdo each other and retain their customer base and finding new ways to add to the existing customer base. While it is important to find ways to add to the customer base that you have, it is important that you do not forget to retain the existing customer base. Figuring out ways to keep the existing customer base is critical for you and your company to reach success. To gain the loyalty of customers, you should strive to develop a relationship that is on a more personal level than just a customer. Taking the time to build up such a relationship and gaining their trust are sure ways of keeping up the revenue of the company. You can look to achieve this by treating customers who keep coming to your store with a discount on a particular product or service that you are offering. The discount does not have to be a really huge amount, it can be a minor discount on the final amount. 

The point here is that you are taking the time to thank the customer for coming back to your store which shows the customer that you appreciate them and are thankful towards them. Implementing this mentality on to a customer is more likely to convince them to come back again. You can also consider rewarding returning customers with corporate promotional merchandise or things like custom embroidered shirts as a way of showing your appreciation to them. It does not necessarily have to be shirts but some form of a reward is recommended as it has been proven as an excellent way to retain your customer base.Use the wide reach of social media to connect with your customers. You can give them regular updates on promotional affairs at your company and if you are close enough to them even share aspects of your personal life. This gives the customer the image that he or she knows you very well since they are given a glimpse of things behind the scene. It also presents you in their eye as another being instead of as a company looking to take money out of their pockets. Always keep your social media pages and accounts updated.

Give your staff and the customer service department lessons on how to treat the customers in a good manner. One of the biggest turn offs for the average customer is communicating with a rude sales person who does not care about what they want.