Nowadays, people are getting advance because of smart devices like when we talk about some decade years in which people take a lot of time to perform their work or their task like if you want to send message to another one so you would use postman services which take a few days to send your letter to desire person but nowadays this things has been replaced by advanced technology from which sending and receiving message or letter can be done in just a minutes or like in seconds similarly when we talk about companies which are also getting up-to-date and moving their company asserts in cloud storages by using cloud services and avoid the paper or manual work which required more money to buy paper and other things similarly nowadays corporate companies want to save their money as maximum as possible in their work so, for this reason, they transfer their operations cloud similarly when we talk about corporate sectors in which we have multiple departments and these department’s employees are responsible for their operation but as we discuss before about technology which is getting advances and nowadays reducing the employees capacity from organization because most of the company operation is managing from advances and smart Company management systems but somehow companies need the people assistances like if they face issues in smart systems or smart software so they must hire IT (information Technology) depart which is too costly for company and most of the companies are unable to bear IT depart expenses so for that companies or start-ups companies those are unable to hire IT Engineers so they must hire IT Support services on rental basis for their company from which they are responsible for managing and monitoring all things of IT support in company accordingly.

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