So, with all so kind manpower and infrastructure, are you curious about what happened to your mail when you drop it down in the mailbox? Some of you will be curious to know the procedure of mail distribution Melbourne but at the same time, others have don’t interest in what’s going on with their mail behind their back. For those who have an itch to get to know about how their mail is delivered to the destination, here is a brief explanation.

Once you prepare your mail, properly addressed it, added proper postage so you can place it into your mailbox. Your letter is collected by postal carriers along with the rest of the mails and then takes it to the postal service office. A post office, all the mails are loaded into the truck to take a route to a mail processing plant.

The process of the mail distribution

Mail processing plant

After your mails are being transferred to the mail processing plant, the job of the mail processing plant is to separate differed kinds of mails by shape and size and dimensions. The mail processing plants also flips the orientation of the mail so that your address remains at the upside facing the sunshine. After that, your letter gets its postmark. The machine prints some cancellation lines around the Post to make it sure that it can’t be reused after opening.


The mail processing plant has completed its work now it’s time to do some advance level steps. After your post is processed through the mail processing plant, a unique and fluorescent bar code is imprinted on the back of every post that has been picked from the post office and is being processed by the mail processing plant. The address is read by the help of an optical scanner that scans the bar code to read the address, then after reading specific address of every post, the addressed is sprayed on the front side of an envelope, encase if the address is not readable then your post will be manually sorted.

Zip bins

After sorting your mails with the help of bar code, now other processing machines also scan bar codes of the posts and then sent the letters to the bin based on their zip codes, these bins are often known as zip bins. It indicates the next mail processing plant in the region where the letters will be delivered. Every post office is being served by mail processing plants. The letters are taking out from the bin in sorted orders into the trays based on their zip code and trucked to the next processing stage. If you are interested about labour hire services you can visit this website

Final stage

The final stage includes the sorting of letters by the processing plants with the help of reading bar codes to extract relevant information, the letters are now sorted based on letters and then delivered into a new carrier.

The letters are then distributed to let them truck to the individual post office relevant to the Address on the post, and then the carrier fully loads their trays into their vehicle to take their route for delivery.