There are different types of materials that can be used to make a driveway for a house and people all over the globe have been seen to like the driveways that are inexpensive, decent and low maintenance overall. This way we can say that the easiest and inexpensive option for the homeowners can be of having a driveway that is permeable as we know that concrete is not very effective and useful when it comes to the rain and water run off as in those situations, these concrete driveways are not helpful. Many diseases have been caused because of the stagnant water on the roads in many regions of the world as well. Because the concrete driveways are not able to soak the water any way and then the only option is for the sun to dry the water up, that is very hard in areas that have very less sunlight as well. And so people realized that they needed such permeable paving products to come up with this so that people do not suffer anymore now.

First of all, what is the meaning of the word that is, permeability, it means the measure of how easy a fluid or a liquid can move through a porous rock. The main reason why people should shift on having these permeable surfaces rather than the concrete ones are because of the fact that, as we all know that the ground water in the surface of the earth has depleted a lot and is continuing to run out of it because of the concrete resurfacing Melbourne, the water is not absorbed into the earth and that Is causing man problems for our earth as a whole as well. Infrastructure and also because of the development in the areas and regions all over the globe, such as building highways, patios, sidewalks or we can say walkways, roofs, driveways, even areas where we go for enjoyment or to play such as tennis courts, they all keep the water from reaching into the ground and getting rid of the depletion of the ground water as a result of that.

The paved surfaces are creating many problems that we did not know we had as once runoff and the rain water makes out that it cannot get through the concrete and other impermeable surfaces, the water then flows into storm sewage systems, and also in the streams, and other places. The high volume and speed of this built up all the waters may even lead to flooding, which can cause financial as well as physical damages too. The chemicals from pesticides and many other sources, is picked up by runoff water from the surfaces and dumped into rivers, streams and the sea too from where our supply of drinking water becomes slowly contaminated and harms the environment as a whole.