If you have been invited to share in the joy and laughter of a wedding day, you have to make sure you pick the outfit well so that you will be able to add to the pleasures of the day in a beautiful way. The article below details the manner in which you should go about the task of picking an outfit for the special day of your friend.

Pay attention to the venue
If you have to attend outdoor weddings, you will have to choose attire that will help you enjoy the day’s proceedings well. Make sure you choose the right footwear. Don’t wear high heels if the event is held in an open venue as it will be very hard for you to walk around and enjoy the day. Bring a light sweater if you think the weather will be cold. Go for clothes that are made from breathable fabric if the weather will be too hot.

Respect the cultural norms
Always pay attention to the culture of the bride and groom and try to dress appropriately. You can wear heavy jewelry if you are invited to an Indian ceremony or be adorned in a gorgeous fascinator if you are attending a British celebration. Research well on the internet and try to find fashion inspiration. You can also talk to the other invitees if you like and get to know what they intend to wear so that you will be able to blend in well! Get the tips of a seasoned wedding stylist Byron Bay if you must.

Avoid the wrong colors
In many cultures, guests refrain from wearing all white because the color if reserved for the beautiful bride. Indeed, you shouldn’t look like a bride yourself so do try to avoid wearing this color. You should also not wear all black because it is a color many people wear for funerals. So try to choose any other shade and you will do just fine. Do try to avoid wearing too many colors and prints too because the effect will rarely look elegant.

Try not to get highlighted
You really should make efforts to blend in with the crowds on the day. Avoid wearing glittery clothes if you can because that will draw too much attention to you. Try to also wear clothes that are not too revealing because a wedding is a glamorous and elegant affair. Keep the theme in mind when dressing and try not to break any fashion rules. You shouldn’t try to outshine the bride nor wear dowdy clothes!
Hope you manage to dress well for the occasion and celebrate the joy of the special day in style!