Imagine finally renting your own villa for a few days to spend time your friends & family and having a best day of your life. Well, that’s literally one of the best feelings in the world. But first you will have to work out what kind of villa you are looking for and plan on the destination as well. Since the venue plays a big role and the surrounding as well. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the villa you are looking for. If you are someone looking for a beach side villa or a villa with a breathtaking mountain views. Well, internet has it all. However, there are certain things you will have to right down and consider before booking the villa you are looking for. Below are some of the tips on renting a good villa.

Choose the perfect location

One of the very first thing you have to think about when looking for a villa is the location. It all depends on what kind of holiday plan you got or even a bridal shower. If you are looking luxury beach villas Bali to get tanned, or a private villa for you and your family to spend some quality time, perhaps a mountainside villa? Well its always best to think what kind of venue you want. Since certain travelers have been disappointed on how far they have to travel to the nearest restaurant and the limited activities as well. So the very first step is to decide a location where there will be more activities.

Decide on the look and feel

There are however many types of Legian villas. From beach front villas to villas that has personal pools. You might have a certain idea on what kind of villa you want to spend the holiday. So its always best to ask an expert and share your ideas. You always have to feel comfortable spending time in the villas as well.

Size of the villa & reviews

Make sure you check the size of the villa before you book it in. Since photos can be deceiving. You have to ensure that the villas has enough of space to accommodate the number of people who will be with you on the holiday. Always check on the rooms as well since you don’t want to end up being all packed few room when there is a larger crowd. Always examine the floor plan and check whether it can accommodate all the guests so that you don’t have to end up sleeping on the couch.